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Our professional history began over 30 years ago in one of the most important Italian companies in the signage sector. Working in this sector, taking care of the complete product cycle, entails the need to develop a remarkable and multidisciplinary professionalism, which ranges from metalworking, to chemistry of treatments, to digital and screen printing, passing through cad design and pre-press.

Having a basic IT-oriented training, having dealt directly with IT and corporate information systems, production management and management control, it has allowed us to develop the ability to effectively integrate all business aspects.

Business development involves modifications, new targeted equipment, new well organized and integrated spaces, this is one of the most important aspects, growing in the right way. In our thirty years of experience we have refined the ability to better organize the work cycle, this has prompted us to transfer our professionalism to others, culminating in the design and start-up of the most important signage production plant in the Middle East.

An important sector of fl-is is software development, we have integrated the software application programming activity for companies carried out by IRSA Informatica for over 30 years. This aspect helps to allow us to build an integrated business system aimed at the real needs of the customer, the principles that guide the management of companies are the same for everyone, but no company is identical to another.

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New startup, which is based on thirty years of experience in the field of design, development and management of production plants. Software development and IT systems, corporate networks. Regulatory and design skills oriented towards road signs.

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Recent start-up of the Elan Signage plant in Doha Qatar.

Creation of chemical treatment management software for powder coating systems.

The electronic invoicing module for IRSA management software has been developed

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