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fl-is, formerly a Zucchetti partner, becomes promoter for the Zucchetti Store.

On 1 January 2020 fl-is became a Zucchetti dealer for the Gestionale 1 , the management software for small and medium businesses.

Discover all the module available for your business.


G1 product overview


Visit the Zucchetti Store and take advantage of the benefits of using the promoter code: LAXID

Cartolina Promotore Zucchetti  

It has been realized SVI-Manager , the module for the management of the PLC directly from the management software.

The new module makes traditional machinery components of an "Industry 4.0" system.

Informatic area

Software development

We have incorporated in fl-is the activity and the software products developed in over 30 years of activity by IRSA informatica, historical application development company for companies operating in various sectors, industrial, agricultural and services.

The software that we offer has been developed in close collaboration with customers, tailor-made to meet their real needs, which are also yours. Completeness of information, but with ease of use. They are very solid, immediate and effective applications. We have attempted to minimize those cumbersome architectures that make general management systems heavy in setting up and management.

Our management systems are quick in the initial setup and start-up phase, simple to use, immediate in providing the essential information needed in the normal management of your company, they have a wide range of reports that can be customized according to your needs.

Here are some of the main applications we make, ranging from complete management systems for small to medium-sized companies oriented to shipbuilding, production progress management, chemical management for agriculture, but there are countless areas on which we operate , also with new applications upon request from our customers.


The Impianti software, the result of IRSA Informatica's long experience software dedicated to plant installation companies, allows you to manage most of the company's organizational, accounting and management activities.

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Do you have a small business? Do you need a program that allows you to manage sales documents and the warehouse? Do you want to manage deadlines? EasyFatt could be the program for you. Switching from pen to PC has never been easier.

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The MonitorPro software is the ideal tool for the management and control of production activities, the work phases envisaged by the MRP are exploded and assigned to the various departments, without the need for paper support.

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ConsAgri offers numerous functionalities intended for three categories of recipients: resellers of plant protection products, operators offering services to farms (agricultural experts, consultants, associations), farms.

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For food production companies subject to the EEC Regulation, a flexible and simple tool to manage batch production and document the origin of the ingredients used and the destination of the finished product.

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For food production companies subject to the EEC Regulation, a flexible and simple tool to manage batch production and document the origin of the ingredients used and the destination of the finished product.

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Census constitutes a group of programs for the management of electronic censuses based on topographical management of the objects surveyed. Census-S is the module for managing the census of road signs.

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Custom applications

Part of our software development activities are aimed at customizing standard management packages, to meet the particular needs of individual users. Anyone who uses standard management software has special needs.

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About Company

New startup, which is based on thirty years of experience in the field of design, development and management of production plants. Software development and IT systems, corporate networks. Regulatory and design skills oriented towards road signs.

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