Consulting services for production companies

Our consultancy services cover all aspects of a production plant, our training experience derives mainly from the signaling field, but this does not involve sector limitations, everything concerning metal processing and treatment, design and printing, assemblies of various kinds ( mechanical, electrical, etc.) are within our competence. We analyze the project from a purely economic and technical point of view, if there are the conditions to continue, we develop for you the project of the most suitable solution for your needs and possibilities.

We follow, with you, the purchases of the equipment targeted to the project, we follow the installation, as well as the adaptation of the spaces and systems, we train your staff, as well as the management, to allow them to take full advantage of the new possibilities. We train technical staff, designers, programmers, draftsmen etc.

We design and install the corporate IT system, network, server, applications, manage it for you or train your internal figures. We develop management and application software of various kinds aimed at meeting your management needs.

Software development is not necessarily linked to a consultancy service, we design and sell software for any sector, not just production companies, we have applications for farms, shops, food products, chemical analyzes etc.

We have the necessary skills in supporting you with regards to the application of the highway code of various nationalities, in the design and production of signs. We provide support on the development of the company quality system in any area, and on the CE certification regarding signage. We can support you in obtaining the approval of signaling systems also in the railway sector. We provide valid advice on the regulation in terms of safety at work for your company and construction site activities.

We provide a design service for signaling plans according to various international standards, in addition to the project tables we provide files ready for printing or cutting, with color profiles ready for your printing equipment of any brand of film.

Feasibility analysis

We start from your idea, your goal, analyze with you the opportunities that your target market can offer, outline a general program, however targeted, where we identify the necessary equipment and the relative spaces.

We make an investment estimate for you, evaluating them on the basis of possible economic benefits.

We evaluate the necessary financial efforts and estimate the most possible forecast on the return on investment.

The estimate also provides for an analysis of the expected future production costs. Once it is established that the conditions are in place to proceed and move on to the next step, the specific design phase begins.

System design

The starting point is the identification of the disposition of the equipment, in a layout that foresees the insertion of the same in an existing or new situation. Taking care of the optimization of the process with a perspective oriented to the principles of Lean Production.

The project is a detailed plan based on the definition of the spaces, the design of the final layout, which includes the necessary systems for carrying out the activity and the production flows. Technical detail of the equipment to be introduced, manuals, maintenance, management costs, interventions, consumables etc.

At this point, a detailed economic-financial analysis of the investment is necessary, preparation of the technical documentation and reports to be presented to the customer.

The design phase includes support in the research and purchase of equipment deemed suitable for efficiency, effectiveness and costs to achieve the objective.

System installation

Our support activity continues throughout the construction phase of the environments, we supervise the works for the construction or adaptation of the spaces, we verify the adequacy of the systems and we verify compliance with the work schedule.

We assist you in the logistics of equipment delivery and supervise the installation. We follow the configuration of the equipment, which is the most suitable for their future use, and we begin the training phase with your staff who will support us throughout this phase.

We check with you the installed machines, we carry out the final testing and commissioning of the plant with simulation of the production capacity.

Systems for working and treating metals

The systems that we design and start management for metal working and treatments include the whole range of equipment designed to perform these functions: computerized coils cutting lines, sheet metal cutting, numerical control laser cutting lines from coils or sheet metal, automatic or manual bending lines, robotic or traditional sheet bending and forming systems, electro-welding systems, automatic or manual riveting.

We provide assistance in the design and management of powder coating systems, we support companies in the management of chemical pretreatments with a nanotechnology system.

We also support mechanical and / or electrical assembly companies in organizing work. We also deal with packaging and packaging systems.

Graphic systems and computerized design

We identify for you the printing systems suitable for your needs. We design and install, digital printing and cutting systems, cutter cutting on rigid plastic materials, automatic, semi automatic or manual film cutting, complete screen printing systems, with internal production of screen printing frames. Film and lamination application systems.

We identify the software systems suitable for your business, install them and train your technical staff.

Also in this area we follow the installation and set up of the equipment up to the final commissioning.

For the signage sector, we design the complete system for the processing of reflective adhesive films according to CE standards, foreseen by the highway code, with methods also approved for the railway, station, long line and TE sectors.

System management training

Once the equipment is installed, this is where our strength begins, from this moment we support your staff in training at all levels.

Our training obviously starts from the operatode of the machine which will receive our support to get the maximum productivity from the plant from the first days of use.

Our courses include training for technical staff, CNC programmers, programming of robotic systems, cad designers and digital graphics.

Training continues with production and company managers to make them aware of the new opportunities offered by the systems introduced in the company, support in cost analysis with dedicated software.

Our courses can also be used separately from an integrated service. If you feel satisfied with your systems, but want to try to exploit them better or in a different way, do not hesitate to contact us.

Informatic support

The company IT system is a crucial aspect for obtaining maximum efficiency from your company. The information must be managed effectively and reliably. We design and install network systems which include: servers, network devices such as switches, routers, backup systems, firewalls, corporate mail systems, antivirus protection etc.

We can follow you in the ordinary management of your IT system, remotely or at your office if necessary, the service will depend on the logistical situation, which we will agree on in advance.

For the software part, we also offer management systems of our own production, production progress control systems. We develop customized applications, according to your needs, connected to existing management or databases, for analysis or reporting.

If you want to deepen our software offer, we invite you to visit our dedicated section ....    go to the Software section.

Regulatory support

We provide solid support regarding the application of the highway code of various nationalities in the design and production of signs.

We can help you in the development of the company quality system in any area, and on the CE product certification relating to road signs, substrate and film certification, we do colorimetric analyzes on the samples to be produced.

We can support you in obtaining the homologation of signaling systems also in the railway sector, for station, long line and TE safety signs, we support you in preparing the samples for obtaining the homologation with tests prior to delivery of the same to the certification bodies.

Always in the road sector we have dealt with the development of new products, for this reason, we can support you in the development and CE certification.

Job security

We are able to offer a valid and effective support to companies in understanding and applying the legislation on safety at work, in identifying the obligations to which they are subjected and the obligations to be fulfilled, providing the advice and collaboration of professionals experts also from the public sector, dedicated to control, who believe in the concept of prevention imposed by the legislator.

We can be the only interlocutor for all needs regarding this sector, guaranteeing compliance with the obligations in the ways and times established by law, thus allowing companies to focus on their core business.

All systems designed by us fully comply with workplace safety regulations. In addition to our systems, we also provide advice on existing realities, standardization services for equipment, environments and construction sites.

For companies that have to comply with particular hygiene standards, such as food production or the use of chemical products, we offer support for compliance with the standards required by the various bodies (AUSL, ARPA etc.).

Signage design

In the field of signage design we have decades of experience nationally and internationally. Both in the road and rail sector. We have dealt with themed tourist routes and national parks.

The fruit of our activity is visible in most of the national territory. We guarantee compliance with the rules set by the highway code, we look for the best solutions according to the areas and traffic flows. We also carry out projects internationally, we have operated according to the standards: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Franco-Arab (North African), Anglo-Arab (Middle Eastern), but on request we can also operate in other areas.

In addition to the project plans, we are able to provide our clients with the graphic signage files ready for printing or cutting of the films. We provide ready-made drawings with color profiles for all digital printers on the market: Durst-3M, HP-3M, Mutoh-Avery, Agfa-Oralite, and cutting profiles for all types of plotters, Zund, Elitron, Kongsberg, Aristo etc.

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New startup, which is based on thirty years of experience in the field of design, development and management of production plants. Software development and IT systems, corporate networks. Regulatory and design skills oriented towards road signs.

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