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ConsAgri is a very versatile program and offers numerous features for three categories of users:

  • Resale of plant protection products.

  • Operators offering services to farms (land surveyors, consultants, associations, etc.).

  • The farms.

For resale of plant protection products ...

The program allows you to correctly manage all sales operations. Much of the management is based on the master data of the articles, in which all the information relating to the various products is stored, and in particular that dictated by the CLP regulation, that is, the EC regulation n. 1272/2008 concerning the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures.

The articles database contains "grids" that allow you to define:

  1. The first grid (GHS) lists the 9 GHS (Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals) classifications defined by the UN. For each item it is possible to select the classes that concern it, by selecting the corresponding check.
  2. In the second grid (CLP - Hazard statements) it is possible to indicate the H Hazard Indication codes required by the CLP regulation. These codes are in some cases relevant for the purpose of defining whether an item requires a license from the non-professional buyer. In addition to the H codes, the additional Hazard Indication codes required by European legislation (in addition to the H codes provided internationally by the UN) can also be included in this grid. These codes are identified by the prefix EUH.
  3. The third grid (CLP - precautionary statements) allows you to indicate the P codes required by the CLP regulation, with the aim of indicating to the user of the products the rules of conduct to be followed for their handling and use.

Based on the information entered, the program defines whether the sale of the item is reserved for users in possession of the certificate of authorization to purchase (license). The information in the article master is then printed on the sales documents (delivery note, immediate invoice, etc.).

Sales documents

The program allows you to manage all sales documents (DDT, invoices, credit notes, delivery forms), both for professional and non-professional users.

Based on the type of items being sold, the program issues warnings related to any license requirement or the presence of an expired license.

During the printing of the sales document it is possible to obtain the simultaneous printing of the CLP notices.

With regard to non-professional users, managed through a special registry, the program verifies the quality and quantity of the items sold, also showing the quantity of products sold in the year to the same customer on video, allowing to verify the possible exceeding of the quantities foreseen by the regulations.

Sales Declaration

The program allows the generation of the file to be transmitted electronically to the SIAN (National Agricultural Information System) with the communication of the Declaration of sale of plant protection products, in application of the circular of the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies). The data for the generation of the file are automatically taken from the sales documents issued during the year.

Warehouse management

The program allows warehouse management. Special masks allow you to record warehouse loads and unloads. Warehouse discharges are also carried out through sales documents to customers.

Appropriate functions allow the printing of cards and warehouse movements, as well as inventories.

Printing of the "Register of Loading and Unloading of plant protection products and related adjuvants" is also foreseen (Presidential Decree no. 290 of 23/04/2001, art. 24).

ConsAgri for Consulting activities

ConsAgri is a valuable aid for those who offer services to farms (land surveyors, consultants, associations, etc.).

Particular functions are provided to help the user, in particular for those who carry out both the resale of plant protection products and consultancy activities.

In this particular case, it has a significant value in order to retain the customer, who is incentivized to use his / her purchases from the dealer / consultant, thanks to the advantages he obtains.


The activity supported by ConsAgri for the consultant aims at these final objectives:

  1. Management and printing of the customer's countryside notebook.

  2. Release of recipes for treatments to be carried out.

  3. Possibly also management of the customer's plant protection products warehouse.

These purposes are achieved through various functions briefly documented here.

Customer land and crop registry

For each customer it is possible to enter the registry of its land, and for each of these the crops present, defining the date of planting. Based on this and the possible presence of a plant end date, the program is able to determine which crops are active at a given time.

For each crop the occupied surface and the quintals of water necessary for the treatments are also defined. All this information will be used by the program to set the treatments to be carried out on crops.

Furthermore, for each crop it is possible to define the start dates of the various phenological phases for each year.


Special functions allow you to enter the phytosanitary treatments carried out for each customer.

For each treatment the treated crops are defined, with their surface, the adversities treated and the products used for the treatment. It also indicates all the information that must be reported in the countryside notebook.

Both phytosanitary treatments and fertilizations (irrigation with fertilizers) are manageable.

If the consultant also manages the customer's plant protection product warehouse, the program can automatically download the products used for the treatment from the warehouse.

The consultant has the possibility to print the recipe delivered to the customer, with the prescriptions of the products to be used and the relative doses.

In addition to the phytosanitary treatments, the program allows you to store other types of detection or intervention that can be reported in the countryside Booklet.

In particular, it is possible to memorize:

  1. Precipitation (rain) detected on the field.

  2. The catches made through the traps.

  3. The irrigations carried out.

Countryside notebook

The program allows you to print the campaign notebook for each customer. This document contains: list of the soils and crops present; list of treatments carried out; catch detection; rain detection; irrigations carried out.

Sales and Warehouse

The consultant who also associates the sale of plant protection products with the consultancy activity has the possibility to combine the specific functions provided for the consultants with those foreseen for the marketing activity.

In particular, if it also manages the customer's warehouse of plant protection products, it will have the possibility to automatically transfer the products sold on the customer's warehouse via the issued sales document (DDT). Therefore at each sale there will be a double warehouse movement: the resale warehouse is unloaded, and the customer's warehouse is loaded.

ConsAgri for the farm

The ConsAgri program offers useful features for farms.

In fact, the company has the opportunity to exploit both part of the functions envisaged for resale and those envisaged for the consultancy activity, as far as compatible with its own reality.

Sale of agricultural products

The farm that has to issue sales documents for its products will be able to use the functions provided for in the sales cycle (DDT, Invoices, Credit Notes), thus having an easy document issuing tool.

Countryside Notebook and Warehouse

The farm that wants to directly manage the keeping and printing of the countryside notebook, will use all the features already seen in relation to the consultancy activity.

In fact, it will be able to manage the registry of its land and crops.

You can enter the data of the phytosanitary treatments carried out, the rain detections, the irrigations, etc.

Thanks to the data entered, it will therefore be able to print the Countryside Notebook annually.

It will also have the possibility to keep a record of the movements of its plant protection products warehouse, which will be automatically downloaded with the records of the treatments carried out.

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