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The Impianti software, the result of the long experience of IRSA Informatica in the vertical software dedicated to the installation companies, allows you to manage most of the company's organizational, accounting and management activities, from the preparation of the estimate to the creation of the purchase documents. (requests for offers, orders to suppliers, etc.), to the management of the construction site up to the issue of the sales documents (delivery notes, pro-forma notes, invoices) and to the drafting of the declaration of conformity of the system to the rule of art ( DM 22/01/2008 n. 37 and subsequent amendments).

All these complex functions are approached with the usual simplicity of the program-user interface, characteristic of the software developed by IRSA Informatica. Typical users of the program are companies that install technological systems (electrical, plumbing, sanitary, etc.), but in general it is useful for all companies who have to manage shipbuilding.

The program is particularly useful for companies that have to fulfill the obligations deriving from the quality certification.

Technical features

The program is marketed both, in single-user version and in network version, in Windows environment. It has a modular structure and can also be purchased in modules. As for hardware, the requirements mainly depend on the type of use, but in general the processing and memory needs are not particularly heavy, and therefore it is compatible with all current computers. Printer: laser.


The Plants program can work autonomously, directly managing all the data necessary for processing, or it can interface with some management programs (Gestionale 1 Zucchetti and Ad Hoc Revolution) by sharing and exchanging with them common master archives (customer and supplier master data ) and exporting the billing data to the management system for subsequent accounting.


  • Quotes and price lists

  • Construction sites

  • Warehouse and Purchasing cycle

  • Sales

  • Declarations of Conformity

  • Management of intervention calls

  • Quality system management

The quotes

The preparation of the estimates uses the data present in an archive of articles that can be both elementary (in general the raw materials purchased from suppliers), and composed, with unlimited composition (BOM) at N levels.

The program is able to import the lists of your suppliers in multiple formats (txt, mdb, xls, dbf, etc.).

The estimate can be structured on several levels (max. 3).

The management of the estimate, very quick and simple, allows you to determine the cost of the budgeted items, to calculate labor times and to apply top-ups to calculate the price to the customer.

It is possible to print both with predefined templates in the program, and by exporting to Word for further printing customizations.

Construction sites

Construction site management is simple and at the same time very powerful.

A mask shows the list of all construction sites, and allows you to filter data based on numerous filter criteria, which can also be customized by the user. Subsequent tabs allow you to have all the information on the construction sites (costs and prices quoted, real-time calculation of the costs incurred, display of revenues (billing), etc.), in order to always have the status of the construction site under control.

It is possible to load on the construction sites the costs of materials (recorded by the shipments to the construction site through DDT, warehouse movements, direct purchases from suppliers, etc.), the costs of the workforce, with detection of the processes carried out daily on the various construction sites and related monthly summaries, as well as other various costs (piece workers, freights, travel, etc.)

Numerous prints allow the site manager to have detailed or summary information on the costs incurred, and allow to produce any prospectuses of the work performed and the material used to be presented to the customer.


It is possible to manage offer requests and orders to suppliers. The material received can be loaded both in the warehouse and directly on site.

In the flow of documents (from request for quotation to order, and, subsequently, from order to warehouse or construction site) the data is inherited, therefore it will not be necessary to re-enter the list of items, but simply select them from the previous document.

Purchase orders can be processed both on the warehouse and directly on construction sites. Completely processed orders are suitably highlighted. In addition, special prints allow you to constantly monitor the status of order fulfillment and to know the order residues still to be processed.

The warehouse

A simple warehouse management allows you to manage the loading and unloading movements (also with the use of barcode readers), and to produce the related inventories.

The management is integrated with purchases (loading from Orders to supplier) and with sales (unloading warehouse with delivery notes).


The sales flow allows the issue of delivery notes and invoices. The delivery notes are linked to the management of the warehouse and construction sites. Invoicing can be linked to the work performed on construction sites or to quotes.

Management of intervention calls

The call management module allows the office to keep calls made by customers or other subjects for intervention requests, commercial requests, etc. In this way it is possible to keep under control all the requests that arrive and constantly monitor their fulfillment. It is also possible to keep a record of the interventions carried out following the calls, with the operator's name, any materials delivered / installed and the intervention times, thus allowing to manage the accounting of the costs of the interventions and to produce any documentation for the charge to the customer.

Paperwork management

The Practice Management form constitutes a control panel from which it is easy to manage everything related to a job, from the offer to the customer to the management of the construction site, etc.

In fact, by opening a file for each budgeted job, it is possible, from the mask that shows the "file register", to activate the different parts of the procedure related to the file itself (quotes, orders to suppliers, construction sites, etc.).

It is also possible, from a special mask, to keep all incoming and outgoing "communications" related to the file itself (fax, e-mail, phone calls, etc.) documented with the possibility of "launching" faxes and e-mails directly from the program.

A special section of the Practices management allows you to monitor the document cycle related to the practice, as for example. the drafting and delivery of the operational safety plan, the construction site folder, the INAIL report, the test report, etc. allowing the site manager to keep under control the whole series of documents to be prepared and / or delivered in compliance with current regulations.

In this way, all the activity relating to a given job remains collected and documented in a unitary and shared way among the various operators. Furthermore, it is possible to keep a "register" of the documents produced, for any reason, for the practice: reports, drawings, quotes, etc. which are listed and recoverable with a simple mouse click.

General purpose tables

The software allows the management of an infinity of data contained in general purpose tables. Among these, the Employees, Equipment and Vehicles tables are mentioned.

Through the Employees table it is possible to keep documented everything concerning the employees, including qualification, work experience, refresher courses, personal protective equipment, etc. While the Equipment and Vehicles tables document what concerns vehicles, construction vehicles and equipment supplied to employees. The program allows you to document the act of delivery of the Equipment and other devices to employees (Delivery report), with the related movement of the warehouse, as well as any delivery by the employee. It is also possible to document the maintenance / repair interventions carried out on the equipment.

Also with regard to vehicles, it is possible to manage their master data, with the possibility of keeping the maintenance interventions performed and managing the scheduling of scheduled interventions.

The program also allows you to document the daily use of vehicles, allowing you to obtain a monthly print on the use of the same by employees.

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